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Research Interests:

Group members:

Stanley Gao (Fall 2022 - present)

Linghan Zhang (Fall 2020 - present)

Bill Huang (Ph.D. 2024), first job: Reserach Scientist, Meta. 

Jiajia Yu (Ph.D. 2023), first job: Phillip Griffiths Assistant Research Professor, Department of Mathematics, Duke University. 

— Joey Tatro (Ph.D. 2021), first job: Senior researcher, Systems & Technology Research (STR).

Stephan Schonsheck (Ph.D. 2020), first job: Arthus J. Krener Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of California, Davis.

Abiy Tasissa (Ph.D. 2019), first job: Norbert Wiener Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Tufts University. Current position: Tenure-track assistant professor, Department of Mathematics, Tufts University. 

— Jia Li (2014 — 2017), first job: Associate professor at Sun Yat-sen University, China.

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